Sunday, 30 June 2013

For the love of colour

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! Just spotted a beautiful rainbow outside the living room window (the picture does it no justice) I do love a good rainbow, nothing better for a colour fanatic like me :)

Saturday, 29 June 2013


I've started putting more into my Facebook page this week, here it will be easier to see my craft albums, message me about commissions and show support to my business. 

I would really love it if you could check out my link below and click like :D:D:D 

Thank you for your support. Jo xXx

Yet another project on the go

Okay, okay I'm addicted I've just started yet another crochet project. But I do love having many projects on the go, if I'm bored of one I simply move on to the next, my new challenge will be finishing them all!  Anyway here is a quick peek of my new granny stitch blanket, I'm spoiled for choice with what colours to use at the minute. 

Friday, 28 June 2013

Flash back Friday

Just having a nosey through Ravelry - endless inspiration - and found this great pattern for angel bookmarks.  I'd seen it a while ago on a different website and made some for Christmas as presents, below are pictures of the two I kept, although I'd suggest using 4ply or smaller yarn and not the double knit I did for them (I was new to crochet and only had DK wool, this has defiantly now changed!)

Here is the link, give it a try as they are perfect for little thoughtful gifts to the avid book readers in your life;

Nearly forgot to mention the pattern states to start with 3chain and then DC (Treble, like me if you prefer to follow English patterns, as this is all American) into the first chain.  I personally found it better to do a magic circle, chain3 and then DC (or Tr!) into it.  See the difference between the pink and the white bookmarks below, the pink is done without the magic circle and has a bit of a whole in the head.  There are some great videos on YouTube on how to make a magic circle if you are unsure. :)

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Busy day

Ah... finally get to put my feet up, just waved bye-bye to little mister Pj after a very tiring day.  We've done some drawing today which means pages and pages of balloon pictures think for someone who only turns 2 on saturday he's got them down to a tea, what do you think?

Fitness freak, maybe...

Pleased today got up early and did just over 40minutes on the runner, all before minding little mister P today - which is tiring enough on its own.  Okay, okay it was a guilt run, I had McDonald's yesterday (fillet of fish burger, fries and sprite, yum!) then I may have ate half my sisters McFlurry.  But hey-ho I vow to be a model dieter from this moment forth, or maybe just next weigh in!  Anyway for someone who couldn't run for 5minutes 2 years ago I think I did quite well (see slightly smug face below)!


Roses are pink...

I have experimented with many crochet flower patterns over the last year and that includes a lot of roses, but I have just discovered what I'm sure is to be my favourite.  Once again Lucy @ Attic24 has proven herself to be my hero concerning all things crochet.  These beautiful small roses are exactly what I want for creating my next flower pot and as usual her patterns are clear and easy to read.  I've yet to check out a crochet blog that does not have Attic24 at the top of their lists - and a well deserved place it is, I definitely owe her a coffee!

Here is my go at following Lucy's rose and leaf patterns, best of all it didn't take long at all :D

Check it out for yourself at

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Back to embroidery

Okay after further though my 'Love Life' embroidery needed a bit of a wash after taking off the hoop and it is a lovely day for drying...

Also today I've been stocking up on healthy versions of some of my favourite treats (chocolate and ice cream); chocolate moose made with natural yoghurt and peach and honey frozen yoghurt.  ive also made a tasty courgette and sweetcorn soup and put all of these goodies in the freezer for when their needed. Here's a snap of my moose that probably won't last long given my family.

Embroidery, finished :D

Here is my final embroidery; done, dusted and framed!

I'm quite pleased with this first attempt and am already on to my next one.  

I really enjoyed the whole making of this embroidery.  One of the first gifts I started making people was affirmation cards so it was nice to kind of go back to my roots designing the 'Love Life' picture and instead of painting it or collarge I decided to test out my embroidery skills.  

The Egg Conundrum

Another day another impressive batch of double yolkers in my eggs, I'm starting to doubt what they are feed the chickens of these supposably 'free-range' eggs. Will investigate further and let you know my findings. Step one find we're Tesco get there eggs, anyone have any ideas?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Daisy necklace

Work out done and I survived...barely!

Here is one of my more recent makes, a beaded necklace, I'm hoping to make a few more then add them to my folksy site, do you like them?

Keep fit Tuesday

Starting the day a bit late only just eating my healthy egg breakfast - with an extra yolk curtesy of one egg! -I've got my work out with my trainer soon and I already know its going to be a hard one given the evil text she sent me last night, wish me luck :/

Monday, 24 June 2013

Zeusy meet Santè

Had a lovely, family filled afternoon shattered now and just tucking into my lovely vegetarian stew, then some crafty work followed by a definitely early night.  session with trainer tomorrow - shes going to kill me!

Here is a picture of little mister Z meeting Santè, think they liked each other. 

Another busy Monday...

Here we are back to Monday again,  got a few appointments this afternoon but some good things happening.  Fingers crossed my Aunty may come home from hospital today which is great news and also my cousins bringing her little baby mister Z here today and I can not wait to see them both.  So it's a busy but happy Monday for me today :D

I found this picture online, it amused me greatly! Sadly as must as I'd love to dress my dog up in my crochet makes he would hate it so ill stick with making other people gifts instead!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Flower pot

I've been quiet today, fun with family, but I've finally finished my surprise! A lovely crochet flower pot, it's now off to my aunt who's still in hospital and had to spend her birthday there. It's the perfect present for someone who can't currently eat or have really flowers and after the success of my crochet bunny rabbit, which she loved, I think she will like this too.  What do you think?

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Note to self; baking with a 2 year old means mess, lots of mess!

Babysitting again today and after little mister Pj kicked the ball over the fence for a third time I decided a change of scene was in order; a thawed out ball of ginger biscuit dough, 3 colours of icing and lots of sprinkles later resulted in some very tasty biscuits and lots and lots of mess!

Just some of the mess - 

and the finished product Yum!

Nearly finished...

Nearly finished my next make, here's another sample of a few more bits 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Time flies...

Very emotional, just waved my little sis off on her first prom. Bless her after a day of pampering she was ready to go, shes so excited and I hope she enjoys herself tonight xXx

Summer solstice

It's mid summer today and it does infact seem like we will be having a sunny day :D not exactly bikini weather but ill take what I can get.

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Flower project

Just got a few spare seconds from baby sitting to show you a teaser of what I'm working on, it involves lots of flowers...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Give it a try!

I've just stumbled across this great American website 'Make it-Love it' it has some great ideas and free patterns in lots of crafts.  I especially love this idea made from an old shower bottle, here's the link -

Caroline Rose Art

How beautiful are these collage prints that I got delivered this morning. I was only going to buy one but really couldn't resist adding another to my Etsy basket. They came will a lovely little thank you note from the artist, now to find some nice frames. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Healthy living

Just finished a session with my trainer, I am absolutely exhausted!  Once I find the will to move ill be working on another bunny rabbit.

Monday, 17 June 2013


I've been quiet the last few days, babysitting amongst other things. However I did start working on a new project yesterday, what do you think still a lot more to add yet :)

Line drawing:

Starting stitching:

Halfway there:

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to a great and wonderful dad. I hope all other daddy's are getting spoiled today. I'm off to give my dad his card and chocolates, which during a drunken panic text last night my brother made me sign his name to as well - typical!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

CarolineRoseArt - a must buy!

I'm definitely going to have to order one of these prints from 'CarolineRoseArt' soon.  How beautiful is this original piece from her Etsy shop, here is the link incase your interested;

Afternoon tea

I'm about to get baking we've been invited to a leaving party today for two of our lovely neighbours who are leaving. Everyone's to bring something and since the wine had already been claimed I'm going to make some sweet treats, first I need to see what we have in the cupboards - nothing like being prepared!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Little Blue

Yeh finished my commission, Little Blue, just in time for Friday night drinkies! What do you think? 

Some more old art

Two more bold picture to brighten up your day and everyone loves butterflies!  These two are done using heavy water colour then I have went over in chalk pastels to add extra tone and texture that these photos don't really show


Seems so I haven't had any sun today I've been having another sort out. I just came across one of my old paintings, a pair of nice sunflowers are the perfect thing to brighten up this dull day. 

Friday feeling

Hello and a happy Friday to all.
I've been working on another commission this week, a little blue teddy, here he is just got to give him a smiley face and finish his scarf

Here's the scarf in progress: 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

It's raining, it's pouring...

Just came back with the dog absolutely drenched. If your going out in Liverpool today take a boat!


Here is the finished product. From shoe rack to craft shelves, all my favourite bits and bobs finally stored in one place. Consider me one happy girl today, no more tripping over small boxes or standing on spiky metal trinkets :)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jo the builder

Had my tool belt on today, I was putting together a flat pack shoe rack that I will be using to store some of my craft items that have started to spread over the house. Here's the in progress pictures xXx 

..... Job done.....nearly!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Images of Inspiration

Also today I've spent some time looking at images for inspiration for some other crafts including painting, felting and needle craft. 

Here's a few examples:

First up is a lovely piece of needlework, I love the everything about this piece, I want to try something like this on some linen and frame it - providing its good enough ;)

The next is a lovely 2D wreath that I want to emulate using different flowers and bright colours of felt instead the pale colours used. 

My final image of inspiration for today is this one 'parrots' bright, colourful birds. I know owls seem to be all the rage at the moment but I think parrots are just as good, especially if what I end up making look like these little fellas :)