Friday, 31 May 2013

It's Friday!

Okay I've been quiet the last few days, but not sitting idle! I've tried some new jewellery today here's some pictures of a few of my various makes. I would love to know what you think :)

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mrs C

Teaching my old pal Mrs C how to use Ravelry yeaterday. Did have to awkwardly forwarn her about some adult content people like to knit or crochet, im not a prude but thats really not for me and Im hoping at nearly 90 its not for her either!  I owe Mrs C a lot, she is my nans friend from church and a year ago asked if I could teach her how to use her new i pad - she is fabulous, always wanting to learn new things and completely undaunted by technology.  After a few sessions she was wanting to pay me which i couldnt accept, but she had spoken about crocheting which (loving crafts as I do) I had always wanted to try, the rest as they say is history :D

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Crochet group

Every other Tuesday I enjoy a little crochet group with a few old friends. Here's a picture of what I'm working on today... Another bunny rabbit :)

Catch up

Hey Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend. After a lovely weekend spent with family here's a few pictures of how I've been doing with my projects.  My purple and cream blanket is coming along nicely, my flower blankets is a lovely bright one, it's a race to get it finished before I run out of wool

Saturday, 25 May 2013

What a lovely day

Happy Saturday I hope everyone has a nice weekend planned. I've got family coming this weekend so I've been busy tidying hopefully have a good time and squeeze in some crocheting. :)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Busy busy

After a very long day of minding a very very active toddler I've only had time to complete one square. Here is my first attempt at blocking my working

Wet, cold Thursday, ah English summer!

Another wet day here but at least we're so close to the weekend I can nearly feel my Saturday lie-in!

Here is a picture of a new project, it's a baby blanket, so far I'm loving the colours. I can't work on it now though got to get ready for my weekly baby minding session, by far my most tiring day of the week!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Crop circles

Well my attempts at mowing the lawn closer resemble crop circles than straight lines (anything to miss a very excitable, now covered in cut grass dog!) but that job done, just in time as it looks like it may rain. Ah summer in England! Note no patience for doing the edges today

Beautiful ideas

Look what I just found a picture of, they are lovely bright flower pot cosy's, what a great idea. You can purchase them from this link: 
I would love to have a go of this idea myself, adding flower embellishments, words or doing the cosy in stripes. It's a great idea for a herb garden and less chance of bugs if you put them on the wall! 


What a beautiful day I'm off out to mow the forest we call a lawn, who knows what I'll find!  Wishing everyone a happy and productive day. Above is a picture of some of the only flowers in our garden, id blame the weather although im not exactly greened thumbed either abut i try xXx

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Start of bed runner

Here's a picture of the new bed runner I'm doing in shades of purple and cream. It's my first use of puff stitches which I like although it does take a lot of wool, hence the reason it probably won't be a blanket more of a runner, at the min it is taking me about 2 hours to do each row! What do you think so far?

Unicorn picture

Below is a picture of the unicorn that I can't wait to try. It's a free pattern it's so cute!


Well so much for my day spent crafting, i got roped in to doing some gardening instead and I do not mean planting nice smelling, colourful flowers, i mean heavy lifting, weed pulling, pavement scrubbing kind!

Anyway one of my next makes I really want to make is a lovely little Unicorn, its a free pattern from ravelry; and I cant wait to try it out,
what colours do you think I should use? Got to be honest Im leaning towards orange or green as
I it to be unusually bright.

Pray for Oklahoma xXx

Love and good thoughts to the people of Oklahoma and their families, just watching the tragedy on the news, hope they find more survivors xXx


Morning I've been up early and today Im planning to work on my new bed runner/blanket (depending on the amount of purple wool I have) and designing some jewellery, among other things.  Hope you all have a nice day planned.

Also my auntie loved her bunny get well gift, i couldnt go but apparently she was showing it to the nurses, one of which makes her own sockmonkies, somehing I would love to try.  xXx

Monday, 20 May 2013

Long lost sewing machine

I've just ordered a beautiful pattern from my local haberdashery shop (among other things, I think I have a problem) I can't wait to dust off my sewing machine when the pattern arrives and get busy. I'm going to use the beautiful butterfly linen below, not to sure what to do with the sail boat one yet. Any ideas?

Bye bye bunny

So my little bunny is now on its way to my auntie who's in hospital after fracturing her hip. Hopefully this will cheer her up, I've added a decorative tag saying 'feel better! xXx'. Due to timing this morning I have had to write the tag in pen, if I'd had a bit more I would have preferred to spend more time doing a nice pattern with my pyrography tool.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bunnies face lift

After some thought I decided that one of my bunnies faces didn't look quite right (it happens more than I want to admit) so I've re-stitched it. Do you think this looks better?

Time to relax

Well Ive spent most of the day working on coursework so this blog has been rather ignored, but not to worry Ive got some new projects to start working on soon.
To keep your interest below is a picture of a cardigan and head band set I made for my cousins baby (before we found out she was having a boy) Im thinking of putting it up for sale on my Folksy site, do you think it would sell?


Hope your all having a relaxing sunday, Ive had my morning off now Im about to set to working on my coursework for my child care and child psychology courses Im doing.  Luckily Im prepared!

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Had it paused for a while but now I'm sitting with my scorecard ready for Eurovision and a lot of cheese - good luck Bonnie Tyler!

Tea time

One of the other things I love to do is cooking.
 I've been busy tonight a big pot of minestrone soup and a new recipe for macaroni and cheese with mushrooms, tomatoes and paprika, both very tasty.  Hope everyone else has enjoyed their meals today. 

Evening news

Just before I put my tea on I thought I would catch up on today's news. So there I am keeping to my self, reading the paper when who should jump up for a cuddle. What I want to know was whose idea it was to relax the rule on 'no Santa on the furniture' (probably me if I'm honest).


The second item I have just finished is a bird keyring. Using some beads and embroidery thread it's not to big and I think the end result is rather cute. What do you think about little tweet, would you add him to your keys?

Bracelet - first attempt

Ok I haven't achieved as much as I hoped to today, but I did manage to test out 2 ideas. 

First is a beaded bracelet with different heart charms, it is okay for a first try but I know I can improve it.  By adding bigger red charms throughout, a silver button at the end instead of a giant faux pearl bead and try doing it in 3 strands instead of 1 i think it will look a lot nicer. What do you think?

First make

... After a few weeks of perseverance here is my first make that I am actually proud to show, lovely pink booties


What a grey day here in Liverpool, typical and I had my shorts at the ready too :)

Whilst I am planning a few different projects (I've just got got some lovely fabric that I am desperate to make a tote bag with).  Unbelievably this month marks only a year since I started crocheting (it feels like I have been doing it for years), the picture below is of my first few awful attempts.   

Friday, 17 May 2013


Think we can now offically say that the weekend is here.  A wine and a bit of relaxing is called for I think.
Had feedback from the lady who ordered the teddy and peg bag, apparently she is now going to use the peg bag in her bathroom to hold cotton wool as she does not want it getting spoiled outside!
Also and showing her friends I now have commissions for 1 more teddy and 3 more peg bags, seems like I have some work to get busy with.

Happy Friday xXx


So how is everyone's day going, got that Friday feeling yet? 
 Here is a quick snap I took of one very excited pup out on the playing field this morning, lovely day for a walk :)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bunny no2

Here's bunny number 2, what do you think?  I'm going to send it in as a cheer up present to my aunt tomorrow, hope it does its job :)

Bunny in the making

Here is another bunny I'm working on as a gift for my auntie who is in hospital right now. Here is the link invade you want to try this pattern, it does not take to long, but I have been using a 4mm hook instead of the suggested 2mm. Give it a try!

New books

Yeh! Look what the postman just bought.  What to do first, decisions, decisions...

Lucky day?

One of my surprising talents is finding 4 leaf clovers, though I don't find myself getting any luckier after the fact. But here's hoping this picture brings luck to you today :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A must see

Well what a fabulous film, a must watch for sure!  May have to invest in the album now, nothing better than a bit of musical sing song.

Movie night

Look what my sisters persuaded me to watch tonight, I've not seen it yet don't know what has taken me so long - I love a good musical

Back to work

Just said goodbye to the little fella after a busy day of colouring, swinging and jumping in puddles - how cute are these mini wellies, I wonder if they come in big sizes?

One wet Wednesday

Today is one of my busy days, Im playing my weekly roll of nursery nurse to a 1 year old bundle of cheek and energy named Pj.  Not a day to get much done in the way of crafty work.  But here is a picture of the start of my new blanket, its a pattern from the 'pink fluffy warrior' blog, definitely one of my favourites.  I only made one a few months ago but its really simple and I so enjoyed making it that I decided to make another with the left over wool.  For simple, colourful crochet it is absolutely one you need to check out :)

Why do it always rain on me

What a horrid day here in Liverpool, very grey sky.  
Heres a picture I caught of my dad walking the very manly Bichon Frise, Santa.  Although he cringes every time a fire engine passes - he's a ex-fireman and it has been known for them to stop at the traffic lights and launch good natured ribbing about him spending his retirement walking a girly little white (usually more of a grey if Im honest) fluff ball.  I know he would not never swap Sant for the world!


Just noticed that I have finally pasted 100 views, with the view counter more than doubling each day since I started on saturday, thankyou Thankyou!

I would love to hear any comments or suggestions that anyone has about this blog, let me know below whether Im on the right track or not!

Thanks again for viewing, I hope you like what you see and heres hoping for another 100 tomorrow



Cheer up its nearly the weekend!

Another late night for me (its 12.35am here) but on the bright side its now Wednesday which means its officailly mid-week and not long until the weekend!  Does anyone have any plans to look forward to?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Check out my Folksy

Ive just worked out how to add a Folksy link to my shop, I hope you check it out, I am going to be adding more to it over the coming weeks. Heres a few pictures of whats being offered.


Here's a lovely bunny I've just finished, it's very cute. I got this pattern for free from Raverly, definitely one that should be tried, very quick to make.  I've already got more planned to do in a series of bright colours holding different letters or symbols - what do you think!

New day

New day new projects to work on.  So today Im hoping to finish a lovely bunny rabbit, the pattern of which I found on Raverly, just the legs to do now.  I will put some pictures up when I am done, think I am going to give this one as a surprise to a certain someone.  

NEW PROJECT TIME! I have another commission for a teddy bear this time in blue and cream, no skirt for this one, Im thinking of maybe a tie or some shorts (or both) as its for a baby boy.   Also I want to start a blanket, a very very colourful blanket!


Morning! And a very happy Tuesday to you all.  Heres some pictures of Little miss lavender and my beach hut peg bag both of which are now on their way to their new owner.  I hope she will be as pleased as I am with them.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Nicki Trench worth every penny and more

Cute & easy crochet

I could not have made any of these teddies if it wasn't for the 'cute & easy crochet' by Nicki Trench. This was one of my first crochet books and I honestly love every pattern and have now made most of them.  Defiantly a necessity for any crochet library :)  

Little Miss Lavender

And here we are the finished little miss lavender, defiantly one of my favourites so far. What do you think?


Yeh Just over 50 page views, for being a blog novice who is only on day 3 Im quite pleased.  Do you think it will get to 100 by the end of the day? It will be interesting to see what happens first; my page reaches a 100 views or I finish Little miss lavender...


Time for a quick cup of tea and some lunch then I'll be putting all of my focus (as limited as it usually is) into finishing little miss lavender.  Hope this monday isn't proving to tedious for those of you out there reading this.

Teddy jigsaw

Whilst I have a quick minute here is a snap of how little miss lavender is coming along. One of my favourite parts of this pattern is when all the unusual shapes come together, like a sort of teddy shaped jigsaw. 

Merry Monday

Is that sun I see? A very merry Monday morning to you all, just getting ready for an appointment but hoping to squeeze a little crochet in before its time :)

No rest for the wicked

Well so much for an early night...after spending an unnecessary amount of time trying to untangle a big ball of wool, I swear I don't know how I always managed to get them so knotted!  I know have just one and a half legs to complete and then I get to sew teddy no9 (aka little miss lavender) together! Busy morning planned (isn't that usually the way with mondays) but as the nice lady is expecting her orders on tuesday it looks like I now have a busy afternoon planned too.  Look out for some pictures of the finished little miss lavender tomorrow/later today?

Night night from Liverpool