Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday morning

Today wants to be nice, the sun is trying to shine through the grey clouds, I've been out with the pup in only a T-shirt and didn't freeze to death and I'm now enjoying a cup of tea and a cuddle with before mentioned pup.  However nothing will change the fact it's Monday! (See below picture for rant about said day!). One thing that is sure to brighten up my day (and make me tired enough to wish it was the weekend again) is minding little mister Pj!  I'm scheduled for babysitting duty twice this week then he's off on holiday for three whole weeks - I'm really going to miss him he's at the age were he's learning new things constantly.  I will have to look on the bright side being an extra few free days to spend crafting whilst he's away...  Anyway back to my original topic; for all those Monday dreaders, I feel your pain.  For all those Monday lovers, ?!?!?#%*???!? I have no words.  But I hope everyone ends up enjoying today as if it were a Saturday!

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