Friday, 18 April 2014

Fantastic felt flowers

Yesterday I had lots of crafty fun with little mister Pj, lots of glue was used; most of it to apparently cover my jeans!

My favourites that we made were definitely the flowers using felt shapes I had cute out and ice lolly sticks.  The little fella really enjoyed making them to and took them home later to give to his mum as an early Easter present.
So incase your wanting to do a quick arty project with your kids this bank holiday weekend I have put together a picture tutorial as shown below. :)

Firstly drawn and cut out a variety of shapes in roughly 3 different sizes as you will be layering them.

Find some brightly coloured felt or you could even use cardboard from an old cereal box, tissue paper or scraps of fabric (using a background of cardboard on the first, biggest layer to keep it stiff). Get lolly sticks (a great excuse to have a icy pre-craft time treat!) or again cardboard and colour the stems in bright colours. Also find some sequins, buttons or other small adornments (I used foam shapes) to decorate the from of your flowers.

After you have cut out your shapes layer them on to the lolly stick using PVA glue and Hey Presto! A quick cheerful flower :)

You don't just have to make flowers either, how about balloons and stick the onto the front of a birthday card or cut out some space themed shapes, I could definately see the makings of a bright, speedy space rocket!

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