Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Here's to Master Barry and his puppy outfit :)

Over the last few months I've been busy crocheting some outfits and accessories for my pregnant cousin in Abu Dhabi, I haven't wanted to put up any photos on here in case certain family members discovered the surprises.  Luckily all my gifts arrived safely on April 1st, which happened to be the same day the gorgeous William (Liam) Barry was born!  After some photographic proof was given determining little L.B's arrival was not an April Fools everyone is completely in love with the newest member of our family, especially my brother who will now be known as 'The Godfather'!

Now he's had time to settle in all, he's proving to be quite the poser as seen below!

Such a gorgeous boy and yesterday I got a lovely suprise of the first picture of L.B in one of his outfits I crocheted a little doggy hat.  I ordered the pattern (one of many) from a shop called 'Beezy Moms Creations' on Etsy. I changed the tail but other than that the pattern was simple and as you can see below the finished product is very cute. :)


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